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Divorce is a crazy thing. You spend the same amount of time with someone that you did while growing up with your parents…and then it’s gone. With the stroke of a pen, or the bang of a gavel, you are no longer related. But you can’t just move on. You can’t just “cut bait”, as they say, because it doesn’t work that way. So you get to swim around in the purgatory between being a husband and being single, being a dad but expected to date and meet someone new, looking forward but also constantly reminded of your past. It can be a lonely place. One of life’s in-between places. Nobody likes being in-between. But that is where the growth happens.

“Fall Down” is not exactly auto-biographical but I relate to the main character. Change is hard. Transition is hard. Moving through the phases of detachment is REALLY hard. You want to get through it. You know you need to get through it. But you can’t. You would if you could.