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From Austin to East Texas and back. It’s been journey, let me tell you. Just write about what you know is what I always say. There has been a few setbacks, throwbacks and comebacks in there but you got to keep goin’ no matter what. This latest batch of tunes is heavily inspired by leftover teen-angst that I can’t seem to shake out of middle age. I’ve been in the suburbs so long now I can’t remember the forest and the trees. I hope you like ’em.

Three-time winner
Austin Songwriters Group Annual Songwriting Contest.

Finalist – TMP Annual Songwriting Contest

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“Fall Down” is The Latest Single. Here is the Story.

“Fall Down” is not exactly auto-biographical but I relate to the main character. Change is hard. Transition is hard. Moving through the phases of detachment is REALLY hard. You want to get through it. You know you need to get through it. But you can’t. You would if you could.

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