Well its out. This one took me for flipping ever to complete. I don’t know why but here is the story. A long time ago, I decided to quit drinking. I have since quit quitting but for about a year I attended a “meeting” that was full of Austin musicians and other naer-do-wells. One of these fellas was none other than Mr. Steven Bruton. Now, if you have ever hear Bonnie Rait, NRBQ, Delbert McClinton, Rita Cooidge…ok you get the idea. Steve has played his six string for them. He was also a fellow quitter. I can say that now because he is no longer with us, God rest his soul. What a guy. When he spoke, everyone shut up. His words were gold.

So one day I was “sharing” my story. I included in my worries, bitching and moaning that I had to go back to my hometown for a wedding. Tyler, Texas is in Smith County. Smith County is (or was) as dry as they come. But on the way to Tyler you pass through, you guessed it, Coffee City. It’s where you get your booze. People load up, too. Personally I think that is why there are so many damned alcoholics in T-town but that is just speculation. Anyway, I was worried about going through said Coffee City. Mostly because I had never in my life driven through there without stopping first at Foots or Kilos. Never.

After the meetings are when the real meetings start. And that is where Steve comes in. He said…”Coffee City huh? I think I’m gonna write a song about that.” Of course I shot back “Not if I do first, Steve.” And that was that. I wrote this because Steve was threatening to write it for me. Can’t have that. It’s my memory. It’s my issue. And now it’s my song.

I’m dedicating to Steve whenever I play it. Thanks for the encouragement, Mr. Bruton…wherever you are!